Did you know that in 2022 there were 59,235 automobile accidents in the State of

Did you know that nearly 30% of those accidents caused bodily injuries to the
vehicle’s occupants?

Did you know that in Utah the minimum amount of insurance coverage a person
is required to have to pay for personal injury to others that they harm in an
automobile accident is $25,000? And many injuries require far more money than
this to pay for medical bills and to compensate for lost quality of life.

Unfortunately, many people illegally drive without any insurance coverage. Who
pays the medical and property damages when this happens? And who pays for a rental
car until the damaged vehicle is repaired or replaced?

How do we cover ourselves from drivers with low liability? The answer is
quite simple and it only costs pennies a day. Talk to your insurance agent about
upgrading your Under Insured Motorist (UIM) coverage and your Uninsured Motorist
(UM) coverage from $100,000 to $250,000 dollars, or more, so that when a car accident
does happen, and an uninsured driver or a driver with a low policy limit causes harm to
you or a loved one, you can be covered by your own insurance company in a more
reasonable amount. You should also ask your insurance agent to provide you with rental
car coverage, which is also just a few pennies a day. Once you get your insurance
policies in order, then you can contact an experienced personal injury attorney to take
care of the difficult matters while you focus on getting healthy.

Be careful and drive safely!


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