Semi-Truck Accidents

These big rigs can cause serious injury and even death when they're involved in accidents.

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Car Accidents

Distracted driving accounts for most accidents on the road. Negligence on the part of anyone on the road can lead to injuries.

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Dog Bites

Receiving compensation for your injuries in a dog bite case can depend on many factors.

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Motorcycle Accidents

If you were in a collision or forced to lay down your bike to avoid an accident, you could be compensated.

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Pedestrian Accidents

If you were involved in a pedestrian/motorist collision you are entitled to seek compensation same as anyone else.

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Defective Products

We can represent you if you've purchased a defective product that caused harm to you or your loved ones.

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Working with Insurance Companies

Some big insurance companies will fight you for the payment you deserve. Let us be your support in your case.

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Slip and Falls

Accidents of this kind can happen anywhere. If your injury is due to a safety code violation or negligence we can help.

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Wrongful Death

Nothing can replace a love one, but we can help you look into cases of wrongful death.

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