Commercial trucks have different regulations

Semi-trucks carrying freight are all too often illegally overloaded, weighing tens of thousands of pounds. Sometimes, truck drivers must also maintain high speeds in order to keep tight shipping schedules. Consequently, accidents involving big-rigs, dump trucks, or 18-wheelers usually result in very serious injury or even death. Truckers must abide by a very specific set of regulations and laws to ensure as safe a driving environment as possible:

  • How much weight the truck is allowed to carry
  • How long a trucker can operate the vehicle before resting
  • What type of material (hazardous or otherwise) the truck is allowed to carry
  • Speeds at which the truck is permitted to operate
  • How often maintenance on the vehichle is required
  • Keeping accurate logs of stops, times, deliveries, pick-ups, etc.

Failure to abide by these rules can affect the large commercial vehicle’s stopping distance and the driver’s ability to react in an emergency situation.

We know the rules and regulations that govern large truck cases and we know how to acquire and review those records to determine whether violations have occurred.

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