Many factors can influence the severity of an assault charge in the State of Utah: the seriousness of the alleged injury; whether a weapon was used and whether the alleged victim is a cohabitant under the Cohabitant Abuse Act. If the alleged victim is a cohabitant, the charge may include a domestic violence (DV) enhancement with it. A conviction of any type of assault, even misdemeanor simple assault, can carry large penalties and a lifetime of problems for the defendant.

In Utah, assault is often an enhanceable crime.  Enhanceable crimes require that any future assault charges after a conviction, be charged as a higher or more serious offence. For this reason assault convictions usually cannot be expunged for a number of years under Utah law. Therefore, they remain on one's criminal record for employers, lenders, neighbors and others to find and see. As such, they may have adverse consequences with acquiring and maintaining employment, civic and church positions and good standing with one's friends and neighbors.

If an assault case is not handled properly by an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney, you may find yourself paying too great of a price with unnecessary incarceration, high fines, damage to your reputation and an unwarranted criminal record.

At Anderson & Rogers we can build a strong defense against any type of assault charge brought against you.  We have won numerous trial verdicts and favorably resolved countless assault cases to the advantage of our clients. Call us today to speak to an experienced Utah criminal defense attorney for FREE.


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