In the State of Utah DUI charges can have serious and long lasting consequences if not carefully and properly handled by an experienced and aggressive Utah criminal defense attorney. Utah has some of the strictest laws in the nation involving DUI/DWI charges. In Utah, a new law was recently passed that provides that a person with a blood alcohol concentration of .05 can be arrested and convicted of DUI. Additionally, driving under the influence of illegal drugs or certain legal prescription drugs can also lead to DUI charges and arrest, even if the person taking them was doing so pursuant to their doctor's prescription.

If convicted of DUI/DWI in Utah, state law mandates that you lose your drivers license for 120 days for a first offense and longer for most subsequent offenses. It also requires that you serve between 2 days and 6 months in jail, or more if other factors are met. These punishments are in addition to drug and alcohol evaluations, treatment, community service, expensive fines and fees and other sentencing requirements that a judge may choose to impose on you.

Many Utah drivers don’t realize that once they’ve been charged with a DUI, they have only 10 days to request an administrative hearing with the Drivers License Division (DLD) or they will immediately lose their driving privileges even before their DUI charges are resolved in court. There are strict rules surrounding these Drivers License Hearings. They are recorded, and your statements made at them may be used against you. Fortunately, the police officer's statements are also recorded and can be used against them.  For this reason the DUI lawyers at Anderson & Rogers love helping our clients by scheduling and attending these DLD hearings, and questioning the police officers on the record as to their handling of the stop, searches, seizures and arrest. Keeping a client's driving privilege is one of our main goals as DUI attorneys.

Many police officers are overly-aggressive and make mistakes that if properly understood and pointed out by an experienced DUI lawyer may be used to a client's advantage. Countless times our DUI attorneys have had evidence suppressed, charges drastically reduced and dropped due to police errors that we were able to show that wrongly led to the arrest and charge of our clients.

As former prosecutors, the Utah criminal defense attorneys at Anderson & Rogers understand the mistakes police officers make during stops, searches, seizures and arrests of individuals. We love working with our clients and using our decades of experience to fight and win for them. Call us today and speak with an experienced DUI lawyer for FREE.


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