Brett Anderson, the managing partner of the Lehi, Utah law firm of Anderson & Rogers, represented his client in a two-day jury trial in Salt Lake City last week where he was able to convince the jury to render a “Not Guilty” verdict in favor of his client who was facing a serious criminal charge. The prosecutor was seeking a lengthy jail sentence and other stiff sentencing requirements if Mr. Anderson’s client was found guilty by the jury. The prosecutor had what appeared on its face to be a significant amount of evidence in the State’s favor. Fortunately, Mr. Anderson was able to show the jury that the prosecutor’s witnesses’ testimony was flawed, and that a proper chain of custody of important blood evidence was not proven by the prosecutor. The jury carefully examined all of the evidence during its 2-hour deliberation before it rendered a “Not Guilty” verdict for Mr. Anderson’s client. The jurors explained afterwards that the flaws in the evidence that Mr. Anderson had pointed out to them helped convince them to render the not guilty verdict. As satisfied as our office is with the jury’s decision, our client was understandably more satisfied. She was incredibly grateful and relieved with the results of all of the hard work on her behalf. She is now free to go back to her former life and put this experience behind her.   

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