Anderson & Rogers got me $185,000 in my personal injury case!

Even safe drivers are not exempt from highway accidents. Like many, Jessica P. of Lehi, UT found herself stuck in rush hour traffic along Interstate-15 just outside American Fork, Utah. After she came to a complete stop behind the car in front of her, an oncoming motorist in the lane to her left was not paying proper attention and attempted to change into her lane to avoid hitting the car which had stopped in front of him. What resulted was an accident that seemingly came right out of a Hollywood blockbuster. The other motorist not only hit the back-left corner of Jessica’s car, but also rolled over the top of her car before finally coming to a rest on its top. The accident caused severe damage to Jessica’s car, as well as herniated discs and considerable pain for Jessica. And, as if to literally add insult to injury, the other motorist’s insurance provider refused to pay fair compensation for these damages—claiming either Jessica or another driver was somehow at fault.

That’s when Jessica turned to the experienced Utah personal injury attorneys at Anderson & Rogers. Attorney Brett Anderson aggressively pursued Jessica’s case against the other motorist’s insurance company, and when the insurance company realized Mr. Anderson was willing and prepared to take her case before a jury, the insurance company agreed to a policy limit settlement of $100,000. Mr. Anderson then pursued an Underinsured Motorist claim against the insurance company and secured another $85,000 towards Jessica’s recovery.

“I am so grateful for the help I received from Anderson & Rogers. They were easy to work with and they fought for me so I could focus on healing and getting my life back together.”

– Jessica P., Lehi, UT
Anderson & Rogers brought in the best expert witnesses to help me win nearly $1 million in my case!

How do you win a personal injury case when (1) you are the only surviving witness and (2) all the evidence seems to suggest that you are at fault? That was the situation Peter G. of Provo, UT found himself in during a drive along a two-lane highway in rural Utah. Coming around a blind hill, Peter noticed that the oncoming motorist—a small pickup truck from an auto parts store—was driving in his lane and driving directly at him. Peter attempted to get the motorist’s attention by honking, but it was no use. At the last minute, Peter swerved into the other lane to avoid hitting the oncoming pickup truck. Unfortunately, the driver of the truck realized his error at the same time, swerving back into his own lane, and resulting in a high-speed head-on collision in the other motorist’s lane. The other motorist died at the scene, and Peter was left with devastating injuries to his legs, ankles, back, neck, and head, a totaled car, and zero witnesses. The initial evidence suggested that Peter had swerved into the other motorist’s lane and caused the collision. The corporate insurance provider of the auto parts store refused to pay a cent towards Peter’s claim—claiming Peter had to have been at fault given the accident was in the other driver’s lane.

Thankfully, Peter sought the help of the experienced Utah personal injury attorneys at Anderson & Rogers. Not only did attorney Brett Anderson take on his case, but also brought in expert witnesses to analyze the facts of Peter’s car accident. These expert witnesses conducted measurements and acquired less obvious evidence that actually confirmed Peter’s statement as to the facts. As of June 2011, Mr. Anderson was able to settle the face for $900,000. And Peter? He has made a near-full recovery from all his injuries.

“I was so worried no one would believe what happened to me. Thank goodness my attorneys at Anderson & Rogers had the resources and the expert help to bring out the truth!”

– Peter G., Provo, UT
Anderson & Rogers recovered my lost wages!

The road going through the Provo Canyon allows motorists to experience the beautiful nature and landscapes of northern Utah. However, even the most beautiful stretch of road can be the scene of a horrific accident. John S. from American Fork, UT was heading south down the highway in Provo Canyon, when a smaller car in the adjacent lane proceeded to pass him. Unfortunately, when the motorist changed lanes too close to the front of John’s truck, the two vehicles collided, sending John’s truck spinning into a third car next to him, and subsequently into the guardrail. In addition to the severe psychological trauma from the incident, John also sustained serious injuries, including a torn rotator cuff and herniated discs in his neck and back. Because of these injuries, John was out of work for nearly 8 months. The other driver’s insurance company did not believe John’s claims of physical and psychological injuries and refused to pay for John’s damages, leaving John with mountains of medical and auto repair bills to pay on his own.

Unable to support himself during this critical recovery dtime, John contacted the experienced Utah personal injury attorneys at Anderson & Rogers. Attorney Brett Anderson contacted the liable insurance company, claiming bad faith on their part. Because he was able to show that the insurance company was treating John unfairly, Mr. Anderson was able to mediate and settle John’s personal injury case for $120,000. With some additional hard work on the case, John also received all of his lost wages for the eight months he spent recovering from his injuries.

“The attorneys at Anderson & Rogers were very easy to work with. They helped me recover my lost wages, pay my medical bills, and got me fair compensation for my injuries.”

– John S., American Fork, UT
Anderson & Rogers protects pedestrians.

When the careless actions of a motorist have lifelong consequences for a pedestrian, the Utah personal injury attorneys at Anderson & Rogers can help. Hailey S. of American Fork, UT was not only an active member of her high school soccer team, but she also had a bright future in dance. But when a negligent motorist failed to yield at a crosswalk for Hailey and her two friends, the resulting accident had a life-changing implications for Hailey. The high-schooler was sent toppling over the top of the car and onto the ground, sustaining a broken leg and several torn ligaments in her knee. And while she was able to recover in part from her injuries, her dreams of receiving a dance scholarship for college had been dashed to pieces.

When attorney Brett Anderson of Anderson & Rogers was informed of Hailey’s tragic case, he immediately filed suit against the driver’s insurance company. After demonstrating that the driver was at fault, we were able to settle Hailey’s case for nearly $100,000.

“Brett Anderson handled my case with speed and professionalism. I was so impressed with how quickly he came to a settlement and got me compensation for my injuries.”

– Hailey S., American Fork, UT
Anderson & Rogers took my personal injury case in Laramie, WY!

The attorneys at Anderson & Rogers can represent you in a personal injury case even if your accident takes place outside the state of Utah. Just ask Terry E., a commercial truck driver who was the victim of a terrible semi-truck accident at a truck-stop in Laramie, Wyoming. While Terry was under his truck performing a minor repair, the truck driver in the neighboring stall proceeded to exit the truck-stop without taking notice of his surroundings. Rather than pulling straight out of the stall, the other driver turned slightly to his right, narrowly missing Terry’s wife, clipping Terry’s truck, and running over Terry’s legs with the trailer! Terry not only sustained serious injuries to his labrum, feet, ankles, and lower legs, but the surgeries and recovery process that followed also left him out of work for several months.

Not only did attorney Brett Anderson of Anderson & Rogers work quickly to get Terry fair compensation for his lost wages, but he was also able to settle Terry’s personal injury case for $400,000 in December of 2013.With fair compensation going towards his recovery, Terry was able to return to work.

“I was very pleased with how the attorneys at Anderson & Rogers handled and settled my case. Their hard work provided much needed relief during a time when we had no income, which made recovering from my injuries all the better.”

– Terry E.
Anderson & Rogers settled my personal injury case for $120,000!

The Utah personal injury attorneys at Anderson & Rogers are not intimidated by large insurance companies, and will pursue a just settlement using whatever legal means necessary. Such was the case for Jacobo J., a mobile distributor for an alcoholic beverage supplier. While Jacob was making his rounds, driving to various small bars and taverns, his vehicle was rear-ended by the owner of a chain of popular restaurants. Though the damage to Jacobo’s vehicle was minimal (resulting in only $750 worth of damage), Jacobo himself sustained a torn labrum and needed surgery. As part of Jacobo’s job description required him to haul heavy kegs of beer up and down flights of stairs, this injury was devastating to his livelihood. The insurance company refused to pay for Jacobo’s surgery.

Attorney Brett Anderson of Anderson & Rogers filed suit against the food-chain owner’s insurance company, and by April of 2014, Jacobo’s case was eventually settled in mediation for $120,000. He has since made a full recovery of his injuries.

“Anderson & Rogers did a great job handling my case! I felt like I could trust them to keep my best interests at heart, and get me the fair compensation I needed to recover from my accident.”

– Jacob J.
The attorneys at Anderson & Rogers are true advocates!

“Attorney Chris Rogers is unbelievably reliable! I didn’t ever have to wait more than 20 minutes for him to get back to me and he handled everything on time. He understood emotionally what I was going through when I was fighting for my children. He would also allow me to be mom; it was not just about the legal stuff. There is not an attorney out there that would have fought for us as hard as he did, or who are as emotionally involved in their efforts to help people. I just pulled his name out of the web online. From the minute I talked to him during that first free consultation, I felt completely assured that he would do whatever he could to help me.

– Wendy E.
Anderson & Rogers helped me get through my divorce.

“I met with Chris Rogers to get counsel during my divorce. He walked me through everything and was so kind. My first impression of Chris was that he really knew what he was doing. I trusted his judgment, he gave me assurance that he would be my advocate and he counseled me on how to fill out the documents for my divorce. I retained Chris a second time when there was a change in my support. I am afraid of confrontation, and he helped me to do what I needed to do without being combative. He addressed the law for me, did not pressure me, and gave me whatever counsel I asked for. When I was finally ready, he crafted the document and had me go through it with him. When we went to court, I was a mess, but he told me he would handle it for me. He was so respectful of my wishes and always kept my best interests at heart. I have such respect and trust for Chris Rogers, and have such high regard for him.”

– Leslie M.
Anderson & Rogers helped me with my custody case.

“Chris Rogers is a great lawyer! I was in a troubled relationship, and wanted to figure out custody for my daughter. My brother referred attorney Chris Rogers to me, and he had a lot of good ideas on how I could work out the custody situation. I feel like he really listened to me and knew what it was I wanted to accomplish, then he made it happen. We filed a temporary order with a judge, and when we were in court, I felt Chris really represented me well; there was nothing added to or omitted from my case. We then went to mediation, where it was determined that if my daughter’s father and I could not agree on something, I would be the one to make the final decision. I’m very happy with this outcome! Chris really listened to me and understood what I wanted to do. He did everything he could to make sure that what I wanted to have happen would happen.”

– Ginger M.