Juvenile Crimes

Children who have been accused of misdemeanors or serious crimes are at risk for being sent through the Criminal Justice System. This can be potentially dangerous for minors, as a criminal record can create problems getting a job or being accepted into a university. Children facing criminal prosecutors and police officers could also be intimidated into admitting fault for additional offenses.

The Juvenile Justice System

Unlike the Criminal Justice System, whose job is to affix a punishment for crimes committed, the Juvenile Justice System is designed with rehabilitation in mind. Once a juvenile has been taken into custody, law enforcement officials are required to notify the parents/guardians. When the juvenile has been released from custody, the case may be taken to Juvenile Court, where a prosecutor or probation officer can decide to dismiss the case, handle matters in an informal proceeding, or file formal charges.

A Utah criminal defense attorney from Anderson & Rogers will work with parent/guardians, children, and the court system to help reeducate and rehabilitate minor offenders. We will fight to protect the futures of our minor clients, and keep them from being tried more severely than necessary.