Personal Injury

Anderson & Rogers’ attorneys have extensive experience in representing individuals who have been injured or have lost loved ones due to: automobile accidents, semi-truck accidents, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, and from defective products. The firm has also successfully litigated numerous cases against negligent contractors and their insurance companies for damages caused by fires, floods and other means. Our attorneys understand the pain and difficulty that individuals and their loved ones go through after suffering an injury or loss, and are willing and able to step in and take the burden off of their shoulders…

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Criminal Defense

Attorney Brett C. Anderson handles the firm’s criminal defense matters. Mr. Anderson worked as a prosecutor in the State of Utah for a number of years before he began representing clients in criminal defense matters nearly a decade ago. Mr. Anderson’s experience as a prosecutor provided him with the opportunity to work one-on-one with many police officers. He is familiar with the mistakes that police officers often make in stops, searches, seizures, arrests and charges, and he aggressively represents his clients’ interests in providing experienced and knowledgeable representation. Mr. Anderson has represented…

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Family Law & Divorce

The firm has an excellent team with a good reputation of providing aggressive representation in the full spectrum of family law issues related to divorce, paternity, separation, divorce decree enforcement and modification, custody, visitation, property division and settlement, child support and alimony.

At Anderson & Rogers we understand the importance of assisting our clients through the divorce process and the array of issues that surround domestic matters. We understand that every divorce is unique and carries with it its own distinctive set of facts and issues. Notwithstanding the same, our team is knowledgeable and efficient in obtaining desired results.

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We are committed to helping people grow their families through the unselfish act of adoption.  Whatever kind of adoption you’re interested in, our law firm will provide you with the answers you need and the in-depth knowledge of Utah, interstate and international adoption laws that may be necessary to proceed through the complex adoption process.

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Business & Corporations

Whether you are an established business professional or would like to start a new business, our firm can help you to reach your goals. Anderson & Rogers strives to form a long-term attorney-client relationship with you. We will provide effective legal counsel during all stages of the life of your business.

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Will & Trust

Anderson & Rogers has assisted many individuals who need to have a will or trust drafted or updated. If a matter needs to be probated, our attorneys have the skill and experience to handle the matter quickly and affordably.

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Real Estate & Evictions

The real estate law practice of Anderson & Rogers focuses on representing a wide range of services for individual homeowners, buyers, sellers, and real estate investors. We have a solid understanding of the current real estate market and are always looking to protect our clients. If you are buying selling, or refinancing, Anderson & Rogers can help you protect your real estate investment, and handle the intricate aspects of real estate transactions including disputes, should they arise.

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At Anderson & Rogers we are proponents of mediation and the mediation process as a means of alternative dispute resolution. We resolve scores of cases through mediation and regularly represent and assist clients in mediation. Our attorneys provide competent and thorough representation to clients through the mediation process. 

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